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Athletics and Activities Bus Stops

Hester Activity Bus Stops
Approximate pick-up times. Students should be at their stop 5 minutes before.
Band/Chorus/Morning activity pick-up:
Belmont and Scott  6:55 a.m. 
Scottt and Lesser    6:56
Gage and Atlantic    6:58
Edgington and Gage  7:02
Robinson Road and Birch  7:08
Elm and Walnut   7:11
Elm and Chestnut  7:12
Oak and Richard  7:15
Palmer and Gustav  7:20 
Palmer and Atlantic   7:21
Atlantic and Fullerton (Pietrini School)  7:22
Elder and Richard    7:24
Arrival time at HJH is approximately 7:30 a.m.
All of the above stops are made in the PM, but the order may vary due to evening traffic flow.
This bus departs Hester in the PM no earlier than 4:25. 
The PM bus is for students involved in athletics, clubs, homework center, 9th hour, and detention.  It does not serve students staying for games.