Academics » Post-Virtual OPEN HOUSE October 19 LINKS

Post-Virtual OPEN HOUSE October 19 LINKS

Virtual Open House took place on October 19.
Below are links for recorded presentations from that evening:

Post-Open House video links:

Spanish class: (presented in Spanish)



Band Link


6th grade team:

6th grade link wevideo

6th grade link youtube

6th grade FAQ's

Do all Teachers update Homework Hotline regularly?   Yes, it is updated daily.
In the classroom are bathroom breaks, drink breaks and stretching breaks allowed and encouraged?
Every classroom has a check-out sheet which students use to sign out of class and take restroom breaks. There is a built-in stretching time between our third and fourth periods. Students are permitted to bring water bottles and are encouraged to discreetly lift their masks and take a drink as they need to do so.


7th grade team:

7th grade Link


8th grade team:

8th grade presentation link


Special Education:

Special Education Department Presentation


FACS/Innovation Lab

FACS/Innovation Lab Link



STEM/Art/Music Link

Art Link



P.E. Health Link